Friday, May 21, 2010


three days ago i asked my friend patricia for a book of mormon, in the interest of taking it home and giving it to my academically interested fiancé. it hasn't made it to him yet. i am reading it at night before bed. it smells like the woodsmoke smell from her house.

tuesday night was the first time i prayed in i don't know how long. i grew up with one christianity or another, but my family wasn't religious and i've bounced all over the place. i've been wiccan and studied buddhism and judaism. in high school, mainly for shock value, i was loudly "nonchristian". for the past few years i have been decidedly without religion and have attended church a few times, but never felt a tug in the correct direction.

i have always admired patricia for her security in her faith, but until recently didn't know anything about the LDS church until my fiancé and i watched a documentary about it and its history. i'm hesitant to say anything at this point, because i know that because of my depression i can have highs and lows of passion about things (especially religion)- but i think i am ready to follow Christ again.

i created this blog so that i can catalog my feelings and experiences learning about christianity, and also my knitting and crochet projects. :) to be honest, i've never felt the influence of the holy ghost the way i am these days. i'm smiling a lot. and if that is not His influence then i am not sure whose it is.

here's what i'm working on right now:

this is the popsicle scarf, a free pattern from shifting stitches. i have all this beautiful cascade yarn and wasn't sure what to do with it (i have that problem with nice yarn!) so i settled on a scarf pattern, and this one is pretty easy. i am notorious for not finishing projects, so let's hope this will see it through. i have promised myself more yarn once i finish. so we'll see.

god bless.

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